Ios Grand Pool Suites Story

“Live the Grand Experience of infinite blue”

Let yourself dream of the iconic views from “The Big Blue” famous movie; the one that captivated the beauty of Ios Island and the grandeur of its deep blue, the one that make you passionate to explore the breathtaking scenery of the picturesque island.

Now, open your eyes and prepare yourself to experience the “Grand Blue”! Step into the large infinity pools surrounded by impressive verandas and infuse your summer dreams into the Outdoor Living philosophy. The Ios Grand Pool Suites are the perfect setting for the “free diver” hidden inside you, the deep blue lover, the explorer of the endless summer.

Experience summertime on Ios Island in all its magnitude. Live it like starring in it and synchronize your heart with its very Cycladic essence. Every step in the suites holds a recollection of Cycladic architecture; the tradition has been masterfully evolved and portrayed in every detail. From the window, the view welcomes you in the realm of endless blue and the freedom of being the explorer of bliss. 

“Across the endless plain of blue - a new coast in view” (Odyssey: Symphony X)
Ios Grand Pool Suites
Mylopotas, Ios island, Greece 84001
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